Mick Jagger Captain Beefheart Wet magazine Travel Issue May 1980


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Mick Jagger cover of a Rare original issue of Wet magazine. 1980 US magazine
Issue no 24

Portrait by Marcia Resnick
Design by John Van Hamersveld

Wet was a Style magazine. Very rare and only ran for a few years with a small circulation.
Interview with Captain Beefheart with a portrait by Leonard X
Rusty Schweickart astronaut is featured
Travel Issue.

Selected content


"Dribble," "Religion: The Book Of Coasts” by Marshall Brickman, "Health: Psychic Surgery in the Phillippines” by C.J. Llift, "Music: Kristine McKenna interviews Captain Beefheart." "Non-Human Life Forms: The Mystery of the Mutes” by Adam McLewis (Lewis MacAdams), "Creative Methodologies: The Process of Elimination," "Peter Warshall Interviews Rusty Schweickart," "Games: The Wet Report," "Design: Transportecture," "Back Page: Mick Jagger Interviewed Briefly by Liz Derringer"

Large format approx 35 x 27cm, 200g
Excellent condition
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