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VERUSCHKA Penelope Tree TWIGGY Galanos TEXAS 60's Beauty HORST Penn AVEDON Vogue

VERUSCHKA Penelope Tree TWIGGY Galanos TEXAS 60's Beauty HORST Penn AVEDON Vogue

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Rare 1st April, 1968 issue of the American edition of Vogue.

Cover photo of German model Veruschka, shot by Irving Penn, wearing the colour of the season; green.

Features -

You and the Look 

That’s in Fashion Now


Photography by - Horst, Richard Avedon, Franco Rubartelli, Alexander Liberman, Alex Waldeck and Penn.

Models in fashion editorials - Twiggy, Penelope Tree, Veruschka

Vogue’s Eye View Leaping Into Summer - Twiggy wears Saint Laurent’s “Spanish Smoking” satin stripe pants and black jet paisley patterned bolero.

Beauty and The Little Green Dress - All versions of prettiness in the green dres, sheer ruffled shirtdress by Rikki for Sport Trio. Wrapped organza shirtdress from Adri. Wool knit panelled yolk mini from Kimberly. Wrapped and plunged from Oscar de la Renta Boutique. Belted green linen open open collared shirt-dress by Teal Traina. Peep hole midriffs from Adele Simpson. Swing skirted by Chester Weinberg. Culotte skirt with cut-out sides from Shannon Rogers. Gandymede in green matte jersey from Adri. Side scalloped mini from Kasper for Joan Leslie and more.

Galanos - Curves and Angles – Black and White – That’s the beauty of Galanos.

Chiffon In The American Fashion - The most feminine American designer, Sophie designs delicious printed chiffon over silk surah, and rainbow chiffon with sequins.

Scassi - embroidered silk chiffon with matching shawl. Eric De Juan design in ankle-length red and rust chiffon.

Norell – billowing sleeves and layers and layers of skirt in silk chiffon. Short and long for evenings.

Texas Surprised!...From the rise of Tower for Hemisfair ’68 to the Rush of Land – Fashion in the Great State for Summer – everything worn by Verushcka on eighteen pages photographed by Rubartelli.

Features - 

“I Know My Romeo and Juliet” by Polly Devlin

Where It’s At: Civil Rights by Kenneth B. Clark

Paul Feeley: “Serene and joyfull vitality” by Gene Baro

Governor and Mrs. John B. Conally of Texas

Texas: “Lively, prickling surprising and fun” by Allene Talmey

Dr. Michael DeBakey, Pioneer in Open-Heart Surgery

Ten Personalities in Texas

The Tobin Armstrongs of Armstrong Ranch by Robert Daley

Tales of Tall Cities by Gregor von Rezzori; George Bradshaw

Vogue’s Own Boutique Janet Lyle and Mary McDougall with a view from the Queensborough Bridge. Celia Hammond. Nancy McCarthy. Caterine Milinaire. Mijanou Bardot.

People Are Talking About  

The Love-Hate Image of Zoe Caldwell…

Vogue’s Fashions In Living

In Texas: The John D. Murchison House. Marked With Art. And Robert L.B.Tobin’s House Around Books.

The Instant Eye Lifts. The Sound of Scent. the Midriff – Bared and scented

The New School of Hairkeeping: The Big Manes of Dyan Cannon, Katherine Ross

Fantasy Hairkeeping on Twiggy and Penelope Tree.

Soft, natural and free hair on  Georgiana Russell and Giada Ruspoli.

Vogue’s Notebook: Parties in Philadelphia, St Louis and London.


You Are It!

250 pages

Excellent condition. Rare copy in superb condition - The cover is crisp, clean and bright, spine tight.  Complete and pristine inside. The magazine in the photographs is the one you will receive.

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