TIMM Magazine Number Eighteen August 1969


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This is TIMM Magazine Number Eighteen from August 1969

These are extremely rare gay magazines from the late 1960's

There are many black and white physique photographs inside.

The original small ads supplement is also still intact, it was stapled into this issue

We wrote about TIMM in a recent Blog:

As well as fashion writing, TIMM ran articles on social issues ranging from light hearted musings on surviving the gay dating scene to more serious pieces on aversion therapy, reflecting the still precarious social and political status held by gay men in the late 1960s. TIMM also championed erotic illustration, featuring work from readers and professional illustrators, with styles as eclectic as Willyan of Amsterdam’s leather-clad muscle men, a nod to the work of Tom of Finland, to Jean Paul David’s demure charcoal and pencil centrefolds.

This is a link to our original post all about Gay Mens Magazines in the EP archive: