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Signed THE INCOMPARABLE JULIETTE GRECO London GLC 1973 promo booklet

Signed THE INCOMPARABLE JULIETTE GRECO London GLC 1973 promo booklet

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A very rare SIGNED Juliette Greco British printed catalogue, celebrating the famous French singer and actress. 

'Printed in Manchester, England'.

This is not a book but an 8 page catalogue from a London performance.

Signed on the back page by Juliette Greco. It's an ad for her 1973 album Juliette Greco.

Signed on the front page by Juliette Greco.  She's written "Merci" and drawn a love heart above her autograph.

It contains details of the touring musicians she was playing with.

A full page of her repetoire of songs she may sing on the night.

Beautiful photographs of Greco and a profile of the singer.

There are GLC (Greater London Council) guidelines at the back of the catalogue indicating this one off brochure was printed for a London show.

We suspect it was from the 1973 as the back page advertises the album she released on RCA in 1973. It has no date.

Softcover / 8 pages.

Catalogue dimensions 21.5 x 26.7cm

Please ask about or look for our other listing for another signed print by Juliette Greco. We can combine shipping on both.

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Very good condition with some light wear see photographs 

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