Vanessa Redgrave Diana Vreeland Billy Idol RITZ Magazine No 21 1978


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Cover Clint Eastwood portrait by David Montgomery

RITZ Newspaper No 21 1978

David Bailey shoots Marie Helvin in Bali, 5 pages of fashion

Billy Idol lead singer with Generation X is interviewed by Tom Bell & Tina Moore with a portrait by Mervyn Franklyn

Diana Vreeland interviewed by David Litchfield with a full page illustrated portrait by Graham Palfrey-Rogers and a David Bailey photographic portrait

Vanessa Redgrave is interviewed by Mohammed Riba 

Jane Fonda interviewed in Cannes by Jeffrey Freedman. Fonda was promoting the film 'Coming Home'. 2 pages

Classic Lyndsey De Paul double page centre spread by Clive Arrowsmith

Ritz was very unusual in that they created unique ads created especially for the magazine with credits for all the creatives as well as the brands. Always interesting and frequently brilliant work can be found -

In this issue there is a full page ad for Mr.Chow using a portrait of Mr Chow by David Hockney from 1969

David Bailey & Litchfield were the publishers

Mint condition

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