Oliviero Toscani STEVE HIETT Jimmy Breslin ERIC JOY Queen magazine 60s


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Rare issue of the British fashion title Queen.
This issue of Queen features not one but two examples of photographers appearing in the fashion spread they are shooting, or early 'selfies' if you will.  Read on...
The cover was photographed by Oliviero Toscani - this must be some of his earliest work.
Toscani shoots a beautiful colour and b/w women's swimwear and fashion story shot on the island of Cyprus. In one of the images you can see him holding the camera. 12 pages.
Steve Hiett uses a self-timer post probably, to shoot 2 photographs of himself with the lingerie clad model in a feature on new BAN-LON pieces available at Debenhams.
A men's fashion editorial modeled by BENEDICT COLMAN, a helicopter pilot who wears the new range by tailor ERIC JOY of Old Burlington Street.  4 pages. The HELICOPTER is a HILLER 12E and it's owned by the model, who uses it to commute between his home in the country and his London flat!
Artwork by JOHN GLASHAN.
Articles featured on this cover: 
Jimmy Breslins portrait of a Mafioso.
Sally Beauman on the liberated woman.
Excellent condition.
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