Queen magazine Late August 1970 Hans Feurer Tweed Twiggy Mary Quant Ernst Fuchs Caroline Arber


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COVER: Photograph by Caroline Arber


'The Softly Softly Look' - Fashion editorial photographed at Julie's by Brian Duffy. Fashion by Charles Jourdan, Twiggy and Mary Quant. 6 full pages.

'Tweed Of The Evening' - tweed editorial photographed by Hans Feurer. 8 full pages including fashion by Charles Jourdan and Dior. 


'Faces and Fortune' - a short feature including The Thrifty Chin and The Melancholy Nose! 3 full pages. 

Autumn Fashion Forecast, The great physiognomy game. The beautiful women of Ernst Fuchs.

A gallery of princesses for Prince Charles

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