Run away from home Petticoat Magazine 5th August 1972


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What happens of you run away from home?

New fashion looks for autumn

Lindisfarne interview, 2 pages with 6 photos.
Anne's Place by DJ Annie Nightingale, 1 page inc photo.

The Sweater Scene fashion spread shot by Jean Claude Volpeliere. Models wear designs by Joseph, Quant, Bus Stop, Guys and Dolls, Kangol, Army & Navy. 2 pages. In between summer and autumn fashion shoot by Tony Norris, with clothes by Mary Quant, Miss Selfridge, John Craig, Dorothy Perkins, Ravel, and Edward Mann.

The back cover is a colour advert for Miners make-up modeled by Cathee Dahmen.

Fiction by Gay Search and Sara Herbert. All the regular features including letters page, 1970s ads, music gossip etc

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