Lynsey de Paul BIBA Laura Ashley ANNACAT Petticoat magazine May 3 1975


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Cover shot by Bill Klein. 

Full page photo of Lynsey de Paul with inset interview.  Runs 1.5 pages in total.

Fashion spread on nighwear, gowns and robes by Bill Klein.  Designs by Biba, Miss Selfridge and Laura Ashley etc.

Interview with the fashion designer behind the cult fashion label ANNACAT! Janet Lyle talks about her designs and background, as does Annie Reavey, who has made clothes for Elton John and used to create for Jean Muir.  Two page feature with photos.

Beauty spread, 2 pages.

Bewitched short story by Jennifer Pulling. 2 pages.

Petticoat talks to hitchhikers, one page.

Weekend trip toParis guide by Jerry Bauer.  2 pages with photos of places to eat and visit etc.

Fascinating 4 page special: North V's South. Illustrated by Terry Bright.

SOUTHERN GIRLS are stuck up, selfish, earn a fortune, have abortions and are always called Amanda.

NORTHERN GIRLS eat chip butties, have big busts, no taste and marry boys called Albert. True or False?

Excellent condition.

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