Interview with Robert Redford Petticoat Magazine 23rd May 1970


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2 Page Robert Redford interview by Elizabeth Phillips. Redford is promoting his new film Downhil Racer

The cover has a bikini on the beach from a brilliant 6 page swimwear editorial photographed by David Hurn. Lots of great prints and designs!

2 page Beauty editorial ‘Naturally You’ with a full face colour portrait by John Carter

2 page documentary editorial ‘Love is Blind’ Part 1 ’The Young Wife Who Waits’
with newly married 19 year old June waiting for her husband to get out of prison.

4 page Jilly Cooper story, part 1 of a new serial.

1 page editorial ‘The First Day of a New Job’ by Sue Read

2 page complete short story by Sara Herbert

2 more pages of beach fashion as David Hurn photographs pendants, thongs, and silver accessories on the beach.

Vintage colour cosmetic advertisements