Geraldine Chaplin Terry DeHavilland Petticoat Magazine 14th January 1967


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The cover has three silver Luminex lame Shirt Dresses also featured inside in a two page Petticoat sales offer

6 page fashion editorial ’The Mating Game’ with shoes, hats, skirts also some fantastic colour prints! Early shoe designs by Terry de Havilland, several shown.

'Wall to wall makeup in five seconds flat' - three page editorial by Beauty Editor Eve Pollard with a photograph by Peter Mullett

Geraldine Chaplin snapped on the Portabello Road ‘Looking for a narrow necked Egyption Ceramic Cat'

Kathys Crowd two page serial with beautiful illustrations

Part II of serial ‘Man with a Camera’ 4 pages

3 page extract from the book 'The Rainbow’ by D.H.Lawrence illustrated by Alan Manham

2 page careers editorial by Phillipa Sidney

2 page editorial ‘The Correspondence Jungle’ about the pros and cons of studying by post by Ruth Miller

Two page interiors editorial a makeover for your bedroom with illustrations by Henry Stephenson.

Film pages include images of Julie Andrews, John Mills, Hayley Mills, Cliff Richards, Tony Curtis and Hywel Bennett

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