Mary Quant CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER Michael York PETTICOAT magazine 05 1967


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Rare sixties issue of the British fashion magazine Petticoat, from May 1967.

Small features on Peter Fenton, Michael York, Vanessa Redgrave & Tony Richardson over two pages.

How to be a beauty in bed. 4 page fashion and beauty shoot with writing by Eve Pollard. Lingerie and nightwear by Neatawear and fabulous up-dos by Gavin at Leonard Hair.  Make-up and skincare products by Mary Quant.  The model is the cover model. 

Interview with Christopher Plummer, 2 pages with 4 photographs.

Coats, coat-dress, jackets and outwear with zips featuring heavily modeled over 4 pages.

Dead broke department sewing pattern is a tent shaped mini-dress with zip up the middle with pockets.

Fashion editorials, advice and music articles.

Part-time money spinners.

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