John Wilcock Underground Press 5th Anniversary Oz Magazine No 40 1972


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Oz Magazine 5th anniversary Issue number 40  1972
Articles featured inside:

Jim Leon pic
Richard Neville
John Wilcock co-founder of the Underground Press Syndicate looks at The American Underground Press

Ed Sanders - Jumpin' Jack Flash
David Sturn - 2000 Maniacs

The Kinks profiled by Charles Shaar Murray
John Peel
John Hurford pic
Auberon Waugh
Matt Hoffman - CG Jung
BIT ad
Dick Leitsch - gay history
Claude Sauvageot photo
MJ Weller comix strip
Rufus Collins Interview
Louis Jigsaw
Rock Quotes Quiz
Peter Buckman - education
Griffith comix strip
David Widgery

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Excellent condition - some light wear visible in the photo

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