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Pat Meyer True Detective Pulp Noir Oz Magazine No. 39 from 1971 vtg

Pat Meyer True Detective Pulp Noir Oz Magazine No. 39 from 1971 vtg

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A great homage to true detective pulp noir comics in this ‘Thrilling Murder Comics No. 1 …Adults Only’ cover. (This is actually Oz issue number 39)

‘Letter From Our Founder’ by Richard Neville.

‘Somerset Maugham in Morocco’ by Jim Anderson.

‘Gays Doctor Reuben’ gay politics by Andrew Lumsden + Harold Head cartoon.

‘Concrete Jungle Karma’ – Pat Meyer on communes.

‘Holy Joe’ – John Rosen interviews a junky ex-GI in Saigon + ‘Gospel Literature’ cartoon strip.

Centrespread running mutant graphic.

Alan Watts on hippies.

Open letter to John & Yoko.

White Panther Party UK addresses.

Gay Liberation Front.

Jonathon Green on radical politics + graphics.

Review of Bob Dylan’s Tarantula and live performance of Zappa’s 2001(?) Motels.

‘Brainrape’ – techno horror by Alf Moorcraft.

‘Sweet Cousin Cocaine’ 2p advice on cocaine + graphic by Roland Komdorffer.

‘The Locust Sang’ – Chris Rowley on consumption & ecology.

Back cover black soldiers/child bride montage by Linda S. Connor.



Condition is very good. The magazine is tightly bound and the staples are fully intact. There is a very slight crease visible on the cover in the photo, top right.


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