OZ MAGAZINE UK No.33 Martin Sharp INK Felix Dennis 1971 February RICHARD NEVILLE


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Oz is the counter-culture magazine, published in London during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s

Issue 33 is full of psychedelic drawings and cutting-edge editorial. Really fantastic illustrations!

Featuring cover art by Norman Lindsay.

Martin Sharp is one of the contributing editors.

The back cover has a great advertisement "OZ Police Ball!" advert for an obscenity trial benefit at Middle Earth.

Full list of contents -

4 pages of graphics by Condon.

 OZ subscription ad with Oliver Twist illustration.

 Vertigo records ad.

 2 page ‘Raw War’ cartoon.

 ‘There’s No Business Like Bomb Business’ by Dave Dellinger – A Time to Look at Ourselves, reprinted from Liberation Magazine. 

National Enquirer Judy Garland graphic by Heathcote Williams.

 ‘Tales of Sherwood Forest, or: What Shall We Do With the Bank of England’ from a séance with Robin Hood. ‘

Whistle While You Wank Re-Visited’ – Tom Ludd’s critique of David Widgery.

 Michael X. 

‘C*ntpower Trials’ – in court with the women accused of disrupting Miss World by Rosemary Pettit and Others – “The girls were fined and Women’s Liberation found the court entirely irrelevant”.

 ’Ink is Definitely Coming’ OZ obscenity fund and Ink production.

 ‘A Plague of Locusts’ – Felix Dennis reviews Rockin 50’s Rock ‘n Roll.

 LP reviews: Janis Joplin, Laura Nyro, Jefferson Airplane and Yes.

 ‘A Deafening of Prophets’ – book reviews by Peter Buckman.

 Uriah Heep ad.

 Ad for Richard Neville’s Playpower. 

‘Soul On Acid: Leary in Algiers’ by Michael Zwerin.

 ‘There Was Once a Shepherdess’ 3 page cartoon by Guitton.

 ‘Down on the Farm’ interview with ‘animal lover’ Bodil conducted by Ole Ege.

‘The Anarchist Cookbook:

 “Turn On, Burn Down, Blow Up!”’ by Jim Anderson. 

Ad for Man LP.

 ‘Splendour in the Rice’ by Jay Landesman.

 2 page woman/eagle montage.

 ‘The Daddy of Them All’ – Peter Jones on Richard Dadd + full page reproduction of The Fairy Feller.

The condition is VG condition with one small piece missing from the Play Power ad (measures just 1.5  x 6cm), the centre page has become detached from staples and  the second centre page has become partially detached (from the top staple only; bottom still secure).  Otherwise this is a good and bright version with the cover clean and flat. 

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