Oz magazine THE SCHOOL KIDS ISSUE May 1970 No. # 28 Trial MARTIN SHARP


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This is the legendary School Kids Issue that went all the way to the High Court!

Oz is THE counter culture magazine from the UK in the late 60’s and early 1970’s

After some criticism for not being in touch with the youth the editors handed over editorial responsability to kids for this issue and what happend next was the infamous Oz court case that went all the way to the Old Bailey.
The country was in uproar as the magazine was persecuted and many people stood by them with many organising events to raise money to fight back.

The contents of the issue, starting with the cover, was pushing the envelope even now its edgy.
The contents inside are full of illustrations and language that really was on the verge of obcenity at the time and now.

The original wraparound cover is here, you may have seen the front but what about the back?

Martin Sharp was one of the contributing illustrators.

OZ Issue no 28 from May 1970

Excellent condition - There is some light wear but for a light paper edition of this vintage this is excellent

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