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HELMUT NEWTON Military Fight MARIE HELVIN Nova magazine March 1975

HELMUT NEWTON Military Fight MARIE HELVIN Nova magazine March 1975

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Nova is one of the best fashion magazines of all time, published in the 1960's -1970's in the UK.

This issue contains the amazing Caroline Baker styled, Helmut Newton Militarywear fight! Its a mixture of Kung Fu, Wrestling and .. a trampoline?? All in the super cool military wear that Caroline Baker was known for (see other Nova issues)

Cover by Harri Peccinotti

Marie Helvin appears in a shoot for silky shirt tops by Harri and Caroline

Also inside

Bottoms are tops - A guide for the men who turn you on.
Who needs wrinkles?  Hormone replacement therapy.
Ivan Illich, philosopher, priest, social critic - interview.
Who am !?  The search for identity.  How three women found themselves.  How Lord Clark got to know himself.  Includes photos of and by Terence Donovan and an illustration by Gerald Scarfe.
Mum's the word.  Mother's Day greetings from some affectionate children - including Eric Morcambe and Tommy Steele.
Priests in training.
Victoria station, its passenger jams and staff of hundreds observed.
You can't win 'em all - interview with boxer Ray Fallone.
Everyone's got a book in them somewhere.
Please put a penny in.  Colour photographs of collecting boxes.

Beauty: Do it yourself diet.
Design: Fresh as a fake daisy - fake flowers - photographs by Roger Stowell.
Fashion: T-shirts - to give you all the support you need - by Caroline Baker with photographs of Marie Helvin by Harri Peccinotti.
Fashion: Khaki kolored kraze - by Caroline Baker with 8-page khaki-coloured spread with photographs by Helmut Newton.  Clothes by Jap at Joseph, Marshall Lester, Laurence Corner, Jeff Cooper, Sheridan Barnett for Quorum, Olof Daughters and Katherine Hamnett for Tuttabankem.
Cookery: The stuffing dreams are made of by Prue Leith.

Slightly smaller than normal this is approx 20cm tall

Excellent condition.  Super iconic and rare issue.

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