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Rare Volume 3, issue 1 of Anton Perich's rarer than rare Night magazine.

This issue consists of 2 parts; the main magazine plus a rare, hard to fund supplement!

Part 1:

Cover: Patti D'Arbanville by Greg Gorman

Patti Hansen full page Electric Painting by Perich (from the photo of her dancing topless taken by him for the 1st issue).

Peggy Guggenheim interview + photo.  Merry Xmas '79 2 page photo by Nobu with Lopez illustrated text, but Lopez's face has been cutout (!) the price reflects this.

Phoebe Cates 2 pages of photos, wearing Fiorucci etc

Damaged issue (the price reflects this)

3 cut outs, 1 small hole at intersection of folds on cover BUT Night Supplement is still with this issue.

Part 2:


"Night" Studio 54 photos by Perich.

Patti D'Arbanville interview.

Jackie Collins interview and photo. 

One page has a cut-out, don't know what it could have been.

Skin Clothes at Xenon nite club, 4 part feature .

Next page has 1/4 of the page cut out, don't know what it was as features are mixed.

But best of all the the back cover!  It's a full page Antonio Lopez illustration (later used as the cover for the 'Antonio Girls' 1982 book)!  This is immaculate and would look amazing framed.

NIGHT is a newspaper format that unfolds from approx A4 to A2 in size, huuuuuge.

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