Marc Bolan David Bowie Michael Jackson Slade MIRABELLE SEPTEMBER 1973


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DAVID BOWIE -  Double-page colour poster (wearing denim dungarees over a striped b/w shirt with mullet) + “My World” feature + songwords.

MARC BOLAN  - Interview with Marc + colour cover.

MICHAEL JACKSON - Colour pin-up + interview with Michael.

NEW TALENT  - Feature on Barry Blue, Bob Bradbury (of Hello), and Phil Cordell.

ANDY AND DAVID WILLIAMS  - Write for their fans.

SLADE  - Slade’s Crazee Column.

MARTY KRISTIAN  - Marty writes..

DAVID CASSIDY  - Q&A with David.

MARIE OSMOND  - Writes to her fans.

Vintage teen magazine with fashion, music and regular features.

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