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Julie Ege TOMMY NUTTER Candida Lycett-Green JENNY AGUTTER Cosmopolitan magazine

Julie Ege TOMMY NUTTER Candida Lycett-Green JENNY AGUTTER Cosmopolitan magazine

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Rare early issue of the British edition of Cosmopolitan magazine.  One of their genius monotone colour cover themes, this one in yellow.  Collect all the colours..!

Cover - 

The cover model is actress Julie Ege, wearing a Jean Varon by John Bates crepe moss dress, and shot by Norman Eales.

Fashion - 

Busy busy busy but they manage to stay beautiful featuring Charlotte Rampling, Ann Turkel, Liza Minelli - see pic.

Sew on motifs offer

Putting on the Ritz by Norman Eales.  A couple wear designs by Jean Varon, Turnbull & Asser, John Bates, Quorom, Butler & Wilson, Yves St Laurant, Missoni, Christian Dior and Zapata - see pic.  

Photographers include John Kelly and Norman Eales.

Content -

Cosmo gathered the who's who of talent to capture what was happening at that very moment in the world of design and fashion in London.  Richard Imrie captured everyone in a group shot at the Cosmo offices.  Those chosen include :

David Cassidy

Michael Chow

Bill Gibb

Claire Bloom

Fenella Fielding

Mike d'Abo

Tina Lutz

Julie Ege

John Bates' favourite model Tich

Joan, Jackie and Bill Collins

Gary Hamilton 

John Bates


Tricia Guild

Candida Lycett-Green

Tommy Nutter

Ian Richardson

Caroline Coon

Jenny Agutter

The Beatles/Jet Paul McCartney and wife Linda McCartney are still madly in love.  Interview and photo feature - see pic.

Does getting to the top take too much?  Working women are interviewed - see pic.

Beware the married couple.

If you had a million pounds...

Bachelor bedrooms.  Photographed in their boudoir are Patrick Lichfield, Sandy Whitelaw, Bevis Hillier, artist Dougie Fields (manager of the London Playboy Club) and Victor Lownes - see pic.

Do friendship clubs work?

Fiction - 

William Peter Blatty

Alberto Moravia

Adverts -

Oliver Goldsmith glasses

Max Factor Whipped Creme

Veruschka for Tonik

Excellent condition. The photographs shows the magazine that you will receive.

Scarce collector's item - insurance and online tracking is included in post.

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