Stella Tennant Craig McDean Charlatans Human League Tracey Emin i-D Magazine Dec 1995


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COVER - British model Stella Tennant, photographed by Craig McDean.

CONTENT - Get the picture British Arts Next Superstars : New Art Riot: Sarah Lucas, Marc Quinn by Matt Jones, Kerry Stewart by Mathew R Lewis.

From this feature, Georgina Starr, Chris Ofili, Tracey Emin and Gillian Wearing are all photographed by Wolfgang Tillmans.

The Charlatans shot by Kent Baker.

Doing the Oakey Cokey: The Human Laegue photographed by Christoph Shaw.

Why has dance music gone all Pete Tong wrong?

FASHION: Skip to the beat: Francessa Sorrenti. Sound of the city, Sound Factory shot by David Sorrenti.

Edward, Ben shot by Donald Christie. Hina Dohi, Christopher shot by Derek Santini.

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