Margaret Trudeau Andy Warhol Fiorucci Honey magazine October 1978


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This issue of Honey contains a great article entitled 'My ideal woman' which includes opinions from Estee Lauder, Barbara Cartland and Roger Daltry.  

Margaret Trudeau interview, 6 page feature with several photos. 

Cover model wears Howie leather trousers. 

Fashion photography by Neil Kirk and Gio Barto. 

London fashion feature - Celia Birtwell at Quorum, Laurence Corner, Fiorucci, Miss Selfridge, Stephen Marks, Betty Jackson; leathers, silks and satins. 

2 photographs of Andy Warhol  in this issue; one for the Margaret Trudeau feature and a smaller photo (Warhol has his hands around the neck of Andy Tennant) in connection for an interview for a British magazine Chelsea Scoop (which was published for only a short while).

Tim Street-Porter weds Annie Kelly, 4 photos in Las Vegas. 

Illustrations by David Holmes.

Alan Bates photographs from the play An Unmarried Woman

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