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A classic 1960's issue of Honey - Very rare

Painting in perspective including David Hockney

Fashion story by David Hurn

Stacks of sweet success: Julie Driscoll the singer with soul.

Cover -

Cover model photographed (by Peter Carapetian) from below in bright red trousers, shoes and knitted top.

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"Bags of trousers - Oxford bags for Autumn (see pic).  Fashion by Mary Quant, Peter Scott, Bally, Otto Glanz, Jacqmar, Kangol, Lennards and more.
Masses of things to do-weekend whiz around London.
Stacks of sweet success for Julie Driscoll - the singer with soul.
Crowds of immigrant school leavers- will they find jobs?
Hordes of students - 16 page college guide for freshers...

Plus -
'Too bad - she's black as well.'
Help the new magazine for people who care.
Mammoth biog of The Beatles by Hunter Mulberry
Controversial film The Fox.
Sarah Meysey-Thompson: I don't want a husband I want a wife.
College guide photos by Sally Soames.
Trevor Fisk, Student Union President.

Fashion story titled 'We are the dreamers of Dreams' shot by David Hurn, 5 pages (see pic).

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