Eva Ionesco Divine Pierre Commoy Facade Magazine Issue Number 1 1976


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Rare original issue of Façade magazine No 1.  Published in Paris during the height of punk in 1976. 

This first issue is really rather scarce as the launch issue had a print run of only 5,000 copies. One of our favourite magazines - similar to Andy Warhol's Interview, with a certain je ne sais quoi...

This issue features:

Cover shot by Pierre Commoy (of Pierre & Gilles).  The girl is Eva Ionesco, Irina Ionesco's daughter, with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Eva featured on the back cover of a later Dali issue - see our other listings for this edition.

John Waters interview with photos of Divine and Waters, 2 pages.

Tattooing & Piercing, 2 pages.

Christian Boltanski interview and photo collage, 2 pages.

Nude centrefold by Jacques Parnel.

Interview with Kenzo, 2 pages.

Other contributors include - Dominique Gangloff, Michel Momy, Junki Shimada, Michel Klein, Gilles Roy and Jacques Monory.   

Published by Alain Benoist, Laurent Laclos, Jean-Luc Maitre and Herve Pinard.   

Photography throughout also by Pierre & Gilles (PIERRE COMMOY ET GILLES BLANCHARD)  - who met whilst working on this very magazine, as art director and photographer.   Très magnifique!   

Even the adverts are super - A very scarce Karl Lagerfeld full page, full bleed advert shot by Helmut Newton. Thierry Mugler  David Hicks France and the most dreamy 4 poster bed sofa canopy creation!  

There's far too much detail to detail!   So much going on... insane amount of great fashion, faces and fun!

This is in superb condition however the spine has some wear.

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