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ERWIN BLUMENFELD Cecil Beaton LEE MILLER Horst DALI Vogue August 1946

ERWIN BLUMENFELD Cecil Beaton LEE MILLER Horst DALI Vogue August 1946

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Sunglasses cover British Vogue; a rare vintage issue. The cover does not seem to be credited but we think it's by Erwin Blumenfeld as it is his style and his work is featured inside this issue.

It's a really decadent cover as austerity in Britain was in full swing in after World War II.

Charming illustration of the Vogue Roundabout featuring Cecil Beaton, Lee Miller, Horst, Carl Erickson, Rene Bouche and Claude Coffin on hobby horses and describing where they've each reported from recently.

Clothes and the Englishwoman photographed by Beaton features Moira Shearer, Anne Clifford and 'Mrs Ray Milland and Mrs Reginald Gardiner', 5 pages.

Coffin photographs models posing in front of paintings at the Tate Gallery (now Tate Britain) and the V&A Museum.

Erwin Blumenfeld photographs summer clothes throughout.

Beaton shoots after the manner of a Mary Cassett painting but with clothes from New York.

Coats with a design by Norman Parkinson, 2 pages and Autumn Coats Full Swing, 3 pages.

Irish Country Life by Anthony Denney, 4 pages.

Spotlight on Dublin includes portraits of Ireland's finest writers, poets and painters ...and a haunting photo of a "tinker" gypsy with a child wrapped in her woven blanket. 

John Minton is photographed in his studio along with other artists including Peter Brook for Tomorrow's Names, 2 pages.

Full page reproduction of Salvador Dali's 'Bread'. 

Horst photographs models wearing the latest designs for the Pattern Book section. 

Also -  IRVING PENN, MATILDA ETCHES, SWITZERLAND and Irish castles including Waterford.

Edited by Audrey Withers.  

Excellent condition.

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