Stella Tennant Giorgio Armani Lookbook from 1997 Paolo Roversi Peter Lindbergh


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Emporio Giorgio Armani

Spring Summer Lookbook from 1997

Stella Tennant is on the cover also featured inside with Nadja Auermann

Photographed by Paolo Roversi and Peter Lindbergh who both shoot substantial parts, perhaps 50/50.

Introduction by  Elizabeth Tilberis

The book is beautifully printed with a tracing paper dust jacket cover, the images are printed on the trace and the book underneath is a glossy foil gold soft back book. Its a gorgeous effect as seen in the photo of the actual book.

Very rare version with the trace band still retained, this is usually lost. It can be seen in a few of the photographs.

Hard back, excellent condition with a delicate paper trace cover. There is some wear to the corners visible in the cover photograph. The gold foil inside is excellent.

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