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Jane Birkin SYDNE ROME Terry Fincher MR FREEDOM Hang Ten CLUB magazine

Jane Birkin SYDNE ROME Terry Fincher MR FREEDOM Hang Ten CLUB magazine

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Rare issue of British CLUB International magazine featuring -

JANE BIRKIN cover with photos.

Men's fashion editorial photographed by HARRI PECCINOTTI and styled by the great DAVID PARKINSON. Models wear designs by Mr Freedom, AUSTIN REED and Hang Ten!

EASYRIDERS - ful page biker themed advert for Correna sunglasses.

Gia, or GIACOBBE photo shoot.

Interview with motorsport world champion JACKIE STEWART

What's next for JUSTIN DE VILLENEUVE? Interview with the photographer that discovered Twiggy.

Stuart Brown travel-themed photo shoot with male and female models.

'Waterproof' nude spread by MIKE BERKOFSKY 

SYDNE ROME photo shoot.

Interview with Terry Fincher on VIETNAM etc.

Bachelor pad BED ideas


Fashion includes beachwear, BELTS, CASUALWEAR, suits etc

Issues of Club are typically divided into four sections:
Club reports: news and features.
Sporting Club.
Club Collection: features.
Pleasure Club: reviews, fashion.

Club Magazine was first published by IPC in January 1970 and is not to be confused with the mid-seventies 'top shelf' magazine of the same name that was published by Paul Raymond.

The 1970/1971 incarnation of Club magazine was subtitled 'For Today's Man' and was essentially an attempt to put in one magazine everything that appealed to the typical intelligent aspirational 1970s male: interesting interviews, discussions and features plus beautiful women, cars, gadgets, films, alcohol etc.


From Google - A brief history of Club Magazine:

IPC tried to crack the men's market with Club – 'for today's man' and contents page pullers such as: 'If you don't swing – don't come in' and 'Come inside for a look at tomorrow today.' The contents page alternated between the title 'between the sheets' and 'key to the club'.

Club featured topless photo shoots on its colour centre-spreads and often used actresses and models on its covers. Terry Hornet was editor and production was headed by Bridget Rowe – possibly the same woman who went on to edit Women's World (also under Hornett at Carlton) and later the Sunday Mirror and the People. Christopher Ward wrote a column.

Interposed among the sections were two or three topless photo shoots.
Club lasted just 21 issues. An editorial on the back page of the last issue ('Thank you and good night') claimed that about half a million men read Club each month, but only 80,000 bought it – too few to sustain the magazine. IPC's failure was seen as having wider repercussions: 'The shame is that Club's closing will probably make any other publisher wary of putting out a similar product for young men.' As can be seen in the Men's Magazine History, that statement was prophetic.

Fashion editor is Michael Roberts.  Production staff inc Mick Brown.

Issue number 6, dated June 1970.

Rare magazine - no longer in print.

Published in London by IPC.

Great collector's issue.

Excellent condition, staples still sound. We are happy to combine shipping and post worldwide daily.

B587 7471

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