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ROMAN POLANSKI Rocky Horror Picture Show BIBA Cosmopolitan March 1975

ROMAN POLANSKI Rocky Horror Picture Show BIBA Cosmopolitan March 1975

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A brilliant Rocky Horror Picture show gatefold feature with lotsof photos in colour:

5 pages including a 2 page fold-out pin-up of Peter Hinwood as Rocky in his tight, shiny pants!

Biba and the anti-cellulite campaign (who knew?!) with Biba photo by James Wedge (it's a really famous photo which was used recently on the cover of the Biba compilation album Champagne and Novocaine).

Monty Coles photos of model Floella (is it Floella Benjamin? It looks like her!) and hairdresser Ronnie from Smile demonstrating the dance The Bump

There is a superb interview with Roman Polanski by Tom Burke. Towards the end Polanski talks expansively about the Sharon Tate murder and how he worked with the Police in LA to help catch the killers. Heart stopping and tragic. 3 pages.

On The Loose... fashion shoot by Eva Sereny including clothes by Nicole Farhi, Bus Stop, Biba, Liberty's (8 pages).

Hang 'Em On the Wall feature including Christine Mason of Razzmatazz shop, Kaffe Fassett, Jannie Goss model, Oliver Hoare, Graham Watson and Pip Rau (3.5 pages).

Sun Child story by Angela Huth.

Rape:  How not to let it happen to you.

Film Reviews by Derek Malcolm.

Record Reviews by Anne Nightingale.

Bachelor of the Month - Harold Byder.


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