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Isabelle Adjani Dolly Parton Cosmopolitan Magazine January 1979

Isabelle Adjani Dolly Parton Cosmopolitan Magazine January 1979

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Featured: Isabelle Adjani

Fiction - Shudder at Fay Weldon's brilliant account of the compulsive wife

Look out! Jacky Gillott may be watching you for her next book

Inside Dolly Parton - the real story

Film Reviews by Derek Malcolm
Record Reviews by Bart Mills
The horoscopes have a drawing of David Bowie and Marlene Dietrich

Full page advert Mary Quant Lift Off
I'm Made of Real Stuff: Inside Dolly Parton by Laura Cunningham 4.5 pages
And Clark Gable Said to Me... by Helen Lawrenson, about Jeanne Moreau, Robert Mitchum, David Niven, Warren Beatty, Rock Hudson, Simone Signoret etc 2.5 pages
A Cottage in New York - Anne Hoffman (wife of Dustin Hoffman) photos by Horst 2 pages
Come Rain or Come Shine fashion shoot by Terence Donovan, including Mulberry and Bus Stop 8 pages
The Two Lives of Gloria (about Gloria Rossi, Zitana) by Michael Grumley 7 pages
Weekend story by Fay Weldon
How I Missed World War II story by Elizabeth Troop

Small item about Quadrophenia
Small item about Henri Cartier-Bresson
Small item about Ingrid Caven's singing career
Small item about Persis Khambatta
Small item about Kirk Douglas
Small item about Cecil Beaton

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