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The Ambassador magazine 1949 Graham Sutherland Jay fashion Coats Wool Rayon

The Ambassador magazine 1949 Graham Sutherland Jay fashion Coats Wool Rayon

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A wonderful cover illustration of The Ambassador 1949 No 7
by Graham Sutherland
Also inside - 'Jay' (Elsbeth Juda), photographs 7 pages of coats.
7 pages of Knitting Wool including some beautiful two colour illustrations.
Weaves for suits, Linen and Rayon are all featured.
'Background is Britian' is a feature that includes Cricket, several pages on the English Public House, Lancaster House & Goldsmith's Hall.
Also with a feature on contemporary British tapestry with b/w images of work by:
Henry Moore, Jankel Adler, Francis Rose, Mervyn Peake,
Cecil Collins, Julian Trevelyan, Edward Wadsworth,
Sax R Shaw and Stanley Spencer.
The Ambassador was an incredible trade magazine for the fashion industry that was created as a British off shoot of the Dutch 'International Textiles' just after WWII by Hans Juda and his wife, Elsbeth.
Elsbeth was responsible for much of the magazine's striking photography. She also shot for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar and signed her photographs as 'Jay'. 
Juda almost certainly photographed the striking material still lifes that The Ambassador made its trade fashion coverage stand put.
The V&A has this to say: The Ambassador was renowned for its innovative design and adventurous editorial approach in promoting British manufacturing in the post-war period.
A3 format - 1949 No.7  
Vintage Fashion Illustration - a trade magazine that features the materials and substance of clothes manufacturing.

The Ambassador was originally named - International Textiles and was founded and published by advertising manager Ludwig Katz in The Netherlands. Later, it changed its name to The Ambassador after two separate issues were produced under the same name of simultaneously in The Netherlands and Britain during the Second World War. In 1946, the British version changed its name and the original International Textiles continued in The Netherlands.

Also see International Textiles HERE

Condition is very good, the cover has some wear and the photographs are from the actual copy.
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