Catherine Deneuve Vivienne Lynn Manalo Blahnik RITZ Magazine No 3 1977


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Cover Catherine Deneuve by David Bailey

RITZ Newspaper No 3 1977

Amazing one off full page illustrated Manalo Blahnik drawing of a shoe for a Zapata Shoe ad. 'The Egyption Look'

YSL Yves Saint Laurent 6 page fashion shoot photographed by Clive Arrowsmith

JAP 4 pages of fashion modelled by Vivienne Lynn photographed by Barry Lategan

Celia Birtwell, David Hockney and Gregory Peck interviewed by Frannie L at Birtwell's gallery

Arnold Schwarzenneger interviewed by Alejandro B with photographs by Michael Childers

John Bates interviewed 

Lindsay Kemp interview with photographs by Helen Townsend

Nigel Dempster interviewed with a  portrait by Patrick Litchfield

Norman Hartnell interview by Nicky Hasslam with a portrait by David Bailey

Ritz was very unusual in that they created unique ads created especially for the magazine with credits for all the creatives as well as the brands. Always interesting and frequently brilliant work can be found -

David Bailey flies to Hawaii with Marie Helvin to shoot Swankey Modes swimwear, nice. 4 pages

Amazing one off full page illustrated Manalo Blahnik drawing of a shoe for a Zapata Shoe ad. 'The Egyption Look'

And finally.... two brilliant pages of catwalk shows in Paris and Rome by David Bailey -

Bailey in Paris with YSL including candid photographs of Yves Saint Laurent and Catherine Deneuve

Bailey in Rome with Valentino features a portrait of Valentino by Bailey as well as candid images of Helmut Newton and Norman Parkinson. Also Marie Helvin in Valentino.

More canid images by Bailey elsewhere including Jerry Hall and Bryan Ferry together, Celia Birtwell and Manolo Blahnick

David Bailey & Litchfield were the publishers, Caroline Baker and Marie Helvin were contributing editor in this issue

Mint condition

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