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WOLFGANG TILLMANS Ryan McGinley AIDEN SHAW Nico Muhly BUTT magazine 26

WOLFGANG TILLMANS Ryan McGinley AIDEN SHAW Nico Muhly BUTT magazine 26

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This is BUTT magazine, issue number 26, from spring time 2009.

We wrote about BUTT in a recent Blog:

At a time in the early noughties when the majority of mainstream gay magazines promoted the gay man as tanned, designer-clad and heavily epilated, BUTT provided a home for all things furry. This was almost a decade before SCRUFF brought bears and otters into the mainstream. Both smutty and cerebral, BUTT is notorious for its frank interviews with politicians, fashion designers, and musicians as well as the unreconstituted ‘sex reviews’ submitted by its readers. Like Van Bennekom and Jonkers’ other titles, The Gentlewoman and Amazing Man, the magazine is beautifully produced featuring work from established artists and fashion photographers such as Wolfgang Tillmans, Christopher Clary and Ryan McGinley.

Featured in this issue:
Ryan McGinley
Nico Muhly
Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear)
Polaroid Art
Vince Aletti, Collector
16-page portfolio of underwear photos by Wolfgang Tillmans
Aiden Shaw
Twin Peaks Fan
Queer Zines.

Quarterly magazine for gay men, founded in 2001. Edited by Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom. Features interviews, articles, photo spreads and advertisements. Follows trends and lifestyles within the community. Readers submit interviews, letters, photographs, or articles.

NICO MUHLY Here’s a serious mug shot of Ed Droste, who interviewed his friend Nico Muhly, the sensationally successful classical composer from New York City. Ed himself – the singer of Grizzly Bear – was interviewed in BUTT 15. SETH BUTT buddy Seth Bogart from San Francisco posing in the shower, yum! Photography by Alez Penney. POLAROIDS God knows where he gets his out-of-stock Polaroid film from, but sexy-crazy Benjamin Fredrickson from Minneapolis continues to document his saucy adventures with great aplomb. BRONTEZ What’s not to like about a deliciously dark penis? Frisco fixture Brontez Purnell writes about his insatiable appetite for black boys. You can see a picture of Brontez in his full glory on page 30; photographed by Seth Bogart. VINCE ALLETI BUTT’s in-house sexaholic and BUTT blog editor Adam Baran of Brooklyn, NY, visits the house of Vince Aletti, renowned collector of all things male and nude. Photography by Marcelo Krasilcic. DER UNTERWÄSCHEKATALOG This relatively long German word means ‘underwear catalog’ in English and is also the title of a 16-page full-color portfolio by esteemed German artist and London-resident Wolfgang Tillmans. AIDEN SHAW Here’s BUTT bloke Paul Flynn from London, who met writer and adult performer Aiden Shaw in a London church yard. Photography by Marc Wayland. RICK & DAREN BUTT’s German editorial import Felix Burrichter likes a good piece of barbeque meat just like the two cover bears from Texas that he interviewed for this issue. MARC BRANDENBURG Editor-in-chief of German style bible Qvest Adriano Sack – what a last name! – blitz-interviewed Berliner artist Marc Brandenburg about hernias and pencils. PINKMAN A jolly Japanese homosexual with a very gay tattoo interviewed by BUTT’s Adam Baran, whose portrait can be seen above. Photography by Dirk Zschunke. SEXY TWIN PEAKS TIMES Writer Travis Blue has nothing but sweet memories of the time he had his man-hymen popped during the annual Twin Peaks Fan Festival.

90 pages.

Dimensions: 9 1/2" by 6 5/8"

This is a link to our original post all about Gay Men's Magazines in the EP archive:












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