WALTER PFEIFFER Simon Foxton WOLFGANG TILLMANS Butt magazine # 14 2005


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This is BUTT Magazine from Autumn 2005, super rare issue number 14!

Norwegian-based quarterly magazine for gay men, founded in 2001. Edited by Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom.

Features interviews, articles, photo spreads and advertisements. Follows trends and lifestyles within the community. Readers submit interviews, letters, photographs, or articles, including..:

GO GO by Marcelo Krasilcic.

WALTER PFEIFFER Switzerland’s most fabulous artist is in love with beauty and hiking. by Jop van Bennekom.

SUPER BEAUTIES by Walter Pfeiffer.

CHRISTOPHER CICCIONE  Multi-talented homosexual happens to be Madonna’s younger brother. Interview by Gert Jonkers. Photography by Naomi Fisher.

WHY NOT? from all over the world.

XEVI Story by Michael Bullock. Photography by Andreas Larsson.

SIMON FOXTON Utterly British fashion stylist hates fashion. Interview by James Anderson. Photography by Alasdair McLellan.

MICHIEL by Didier Barroso.

JUSTUS KÖHNCKE German popstar and DJ loves Nina Hagen and recommends Viagra to everyone. Interview by Luis Venegas. Photography by Wolfgang Tillmans.

BUTTSTUFF The readers’ section.

TOP MAN Adorable Tony by La Bourette.

76 pages. 9 1/2" by 6 5/8"

We wrote about BUTT in a recent Blog:

At a time in the early noughties when the majority of mainstream gay magazines promoted the gay man as tanned, designer-clad and heavily epilated, BUTT provided a home for all things furry. This was almost a decade before SCRUFF brought bears and otters into the mainstream. Both smutty and cerebral, BUTT is notorious for its frank interviews with politicians, fashion designers, and musicians as well as the unreconstituted ‘sex reviews’ submitted by its readers. Like Van Bennekom and Jonkers’ other titles, The Gentlewoman and Amazing Man, the magazine is beautifully produced featuring work from established artists and fashion photographers such as Wolfgang Tillmans, Christopher Clary and Ryan McGinley.

This is a link to our original post all about Gay Men's Magazines in the EP archive:


Excellent condition. Light fading to cover edges, contents fine.