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Sarah Grant TIM CURRY Donald Sutherland OCCULT 19 magazine 1977 Sep UKy 86 (Copy)

Sarah Grant TIM CURRY Donald Sutherland OCCULT 19 magazine 1977 Sep UKy 86 (Copy)

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Rare vintage fashion magazine 19 - from September 1977, published in London, Britain.


In the shadow of the Vatican in Rome is an alternative to religion - interviews with a CLAIRVOYANT, FLUIDOLOGIST etc inc MARIA GARDINI.  2 pages on MYSTICISM, SPIRITUALISM and the OCCULT.

CUTEX nail polish ad with actor LEIGH LAWSON. 

Interview with actor Donald Sutherland currently starring in Fellini's Casanova.

EYE make-up tips.  5 models, 2 looks each.

Fashion brands and styles in this issue - BETTY JACKSON for Quorom, demure dresses, Tailored JACKETS, JODHPURS, JOUSSE, KNITWEAR, Lee Bender, Mary Quant, tweed, SEPARATES, hats, outerwear, mix and match knitwear and corduroy, satin-look suits, etc. 

Column written by LENDAL SCOTT ELLIS

MINERS 2 page advert.

Fashion spread shot on the OLD CALEDONIA ship docked in the Thames.

Australian model SARAH GRANT models in a fashion spread - with a cute poodle dog and one unknown model named Josephine.

Interview with SISSY SPACEK,  3 pages.

Interview with TIM CURRY, 2 pages. 

WINDOW Dressing ideas with bead curtain layers.

The editor is MAGGIE KOUMI.

Photo of Contents Page attached. 

Published by IPC.   Staplebound. 

Approx 28.9cm x 22.2cm.  Printed in colour and in black-and-white.

Excellent condition, as shown. 

Our ref - B1785 201014_4359



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