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Vivienne Lynne Kenzo Jap Mark Hamill Emmanuelle & Ku Khanh Dior Swanky Modes Alice Cooper Lingerie- 19 Magazine May VINTAGE

Vivienne Lynne Kenzo Jap Mark Hamill Emmanuelle & Ku Khanh Dior Swanky Modes Alice Cooper Lingerie- 19 Magazine May VINTAGE

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Rare vintage fashion magazine from 1978, published in London, Britain.

Fantastic cover, shot by Ku Khanh (Emmanuelle Khanh's husband). Accompanying fashion shoot (see pics) with models wearing lingerie, corsets and fashion by Made in Heaven, Dior, Nicole, Emmanuelle Khahn, Wendy Dagworthy and Johnson & Johnson.
Contents include contemporary adverts; articles on fashion and beauty;  fiction and lifestyle.  This issue includes:

·       ‘Hollywood’s newest romantic rebel - Mark Hamill. 2 page interview with photographs.

·       ‘Underneath it all…’ fashion spread.  6 pages.

·       Model Vivienne Lynne wears her vast collection of earrings that she's collected on her model assignments around the world in ‘Look ear!’ - 1.3 pages.

·       ‘This is the year of the horse’ (Chinese horoscope) (4 pages)

·       ‘You never forget the first time…’ (3 pages)

·       ‘Prettier in pastels’ fashion spread.  4 images over 2 pages. Knitwear special with designs by Coopers, Patricia Roberts and Ann Hymers.

·       ‘We’ve got to hand it to you…’ (manicure guide) 3 pages)

·       The Paris and London collections - 3 page report with photos by Robyn Beeche.  Jeff Banks, Fiorucci, Ter et Bantine, Jap (Kenzo), Swanky Modes and more.

·       ‘Believe it or not – this is Mr Nice Guy!’ - Alice Cooper. 2 page interview with photos by Richard Young  and Maurice Donaldson. 

·       ‘Memorabilia - 2 page feature on vintage accessories available from a shop called Nostalgia in London; beaded bags, fans, evening bags etc.

·       ‘When you fall in love, it will be forever…’ (2 pages)

·       ‘On the fringe of our theatre’ (2 pages inc Lumiere and Son, Keskidee, London Theatre Group with photos of actors by Sheila Rock. 

·       ‘In pretty good shape’ fashion spread shot by Roger Charity, 4 pages.  Focusing on the new looser jackets and feminine skirts inc Jeff Banks, Michiko, Midas, Sheilagh Brown, Sheridan Bennett, Howie and Mary Quant. 

·       ‘Pass the salt and pepper!’ collectables feature, 2 pages.

·       ‘Chiconomy’ fashion spread 2 pages; Lee Jeans, Johnson & Johnson, Laurence Corner and Medway.

·       ‘The return of Romance’ (1.5 pages)

Free PATRICIA ROBERTS waistcoat knitting pattern with names on the front, designed for 19 readers.  Full page photo, pattern needed to be sent away for.

Adverts include -

Full-page advert for Blasé by Max Factor

Maybelline all day eye shadow.

Lulu for Freemans catalogue.

Published by IPC. 82 pages.  Staplebound. 

Approx 28.9cm x 22.2cm.  Printed in colour and in black-and-white.

Excellent condition, as shown.

Our ref - 170608_6767.CR2 B1374



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