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Rudolph Nureyev Royal Ballet John Bulmer Singapore Town April 1963

Rudolph Nureyev Royal Ballet John Bulmer Singapore Town April 1963

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The art director and designer for this issue was also a legend in his own right Tom / Thomas Wolsey.

Brilliant 6 page editorial about the resurgance of the Royal Ballet because of the legendary Rudolph Nureyev joining their troupe with some wonderful photographs, including several with Margot Fonteyn, and one or two other Russian ballerinas, by Roy Round and some typically dynamic and graphic layouts by Tom Wolsey. Cecil Beaton and Frederick Ashton are photograped looking on.

10 page editorial and the cover on Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo and the Far East with wonderful photographs by John Bulmer. The cover strapline is ‘Time Bomb in Singapore’. Plus a BTS story of how Bulmer was nearly shot whilst photographing the Malay feature.

There’s also a column written by Bulmer on cameras, including references to Leica, Asahi Pentax, Rolleifex and Yashica-Mat amongst others over 2 pages.

8 page behind the scenes editorial at the BBC with portraits of their key new young producers including Michael Peacock, Leonard Miall, Alasdair Milne, Donald Baverstock and Sydney Newman.

2 page fashion editorial photographed by 60’s legend Brian Duffy

Illustrations by Anthony Haden Guest to illustrate a 2 page feature on the business lunch, 5 drawings.

Terence Donovan fashion shoot of menswear with suits on mannequins 4 pages we’ve not seen before!

Conspicious Thrift by Terence Donovan, 7 pages

Austin DB4 Vantage car ad, full page
Hoff illustrated fold-out ad for Simpsons of Piccidilly, double sided as well - lush!

Time Bomb in Singapore, Paul Johnson on Malaysia

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