Cosmopolitan UK July 1972 Ref 1836 Paulene Stone


LIGHT (up to 1kg)

Rare British edition of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Model Paulene Stone on the cover with her fiance, actor Laurence Harvey. Photographed by Brian Duffy.

Duffy photographs a fashion editorial shot in Turkey, modeled by Greta Norris and Cyril Hartman. Clothes by Alice Pollack, Clobber, Simpsons, Sacha, Butler & Wilson, Lee Bender for Bus Stop, 8 pages.


Twiggy and Justin De Villeneuve - Will they ever marry? Full page photograph in their London mews home by David Steen, plus 3 page interview by Peter Evans.

Fiction by Nadine Gortimer and John Gill.

Cliff Richard, Tania Mallet, Jilly Cooper, Cilla Black, Terry Wogan and Michael Aspel on the diet tips that worked for them.

How I survived a jungle air crash by Julianne Koepcke, 4 pages inc photos.

Illustrations by Wendy Buttrose, 1.5 pages, and Michael Embden, 1 page.