Honey UK April 1979 - Richard Gere & Delia Smith


LIGHT (up to 1kg)

Cover shot by Alex Henderson, model wearing Wendy Dagworthy.

'About now' section containing preview of new movies in April 1979, including The Deerhunter, The Wiz, Empire of Passion and Invasion of the body snatchers.

Photoshoot 'Spot on' was shot by Alex Henderson in Sri Lanka, and features garments from Harrods, Fiorucci etc.

Richard Gere is interviewed following the release if films 'Blood Brothers' and 'Days of Heaven.'

Stefano Massimo shoots 'Six of the best', a knitwear shoot.

'The Look' article focuses on 'make-up changes such as we haven't seen for a long time. Colours are simply outrageous.'

'Imperial twilight' and 'Khaki's cool' shoots by Alex Henderson.

Delia Smith, John Watts and Georgina Hale feature in 'When the cupboard is bare and your friends appear.'

Pattern to make pencil skirt, as designed by Barnett & Brown.