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TOWN magazine October 1967

Cover by John Claridge.

Alan Aldridge in interview about his new role and the row it affected as Art Director of Penguin books, the film he made for the BBC and winning his wife as a bet.  One page feature includes a photograph of the artist wearing glasses with painted lenses.

Marbella, huge 11 page feature, with photographs of holidayers and long-stay visitors by Bryan Wharton. 'Umpteen illusions of the very rich'.

Rita Renoir has scandalised France by stripping for art's sake.  Now it may happen over here... 2 photograph of Rita in action for a one page feature.

Chapman Pincher is interviewed, with photographs by Don McCullin, 5 pages.

Olinka Berova photographed by John Claridge,

David Hurn, Don McCullin and Terry O’Neill.

One full page (at least; some are 2 page centrefold style), full bleed photo by each.  Includes a rarely seen group shot of all 4 photographers - sitting on a children's swing, with a dog no less!

Ralph Steadman illustrates the first in a series; An Afternoon on the Serpentine, after Georges Seurat.  2 pages.

Eccentrics – photographs by Nina Raginsky, 6 page feature includes a fantastic full page photo of Bruce Lacey wearing swirly psychedelic goggle glasses.

'A Man and his Clothes' fashion profile of Michael Winner, 4 pages shot by Michael Joseph.

Jeffrey Bernard on growing up; 2 pages.

'Charlie Brown Dreams Mitty' fashion editorial photographed by Harri Peccinotti, 10 pages.

'Buttercup' fiction by Auberon Waugh illustrated by a  photograph of hippies laying on grass by Roy A. Giles, 5 pages.

No man in America would dream of getting mixed up with a girl under 18 - Huntington Hartford (cover).
Plus Umpteen illusions of the very rich.

Excellent condition.

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