Angelica Huston KENZO Manolo Blahnik Marie Helvin RITZ Magazine No 28 1979


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Sydney Rome cover photographed by David Bailey

RITZ Newspaper No 28 1979

Dido & Clio Goldsmith with a  portrait by David Bailey

Chris Langham,  Judy Carne

Boxer Mitchell 'Blood' Green with photographs by Johnny Rozsa

Ritz was very unusual in that they created unique ads created especially for the magazine with credits for all the creatives as well as the brands. Always interesting and frequently brilliant work can be found -

In this issue there is a brilliant series of portraits of Angelica Huston & Marie Helvin and Tina Chow by David Bailey in  ads for David Shilling, Alan Coulridge and Freddie Fox respectively.  Long before photoshop Bailey is innovating using a curved piece of paper in the enlarger creating a wonderful surrealist edge in the images.

Also two pages of brilliant Ads of Kenzo for Jungle Jap by the soon to be world famous Oliviero Toscani who went on to shoot all of the controversial Benetton ads

There is an iconic Terence Donovan ad for Olympus Cameras with Donovan in  Judo gear with the camera strap just poking out

Also a full page Manolo Blahnik London image of shoes on a stool, very informal and unusual

The centre page double page image is a portrait of Sylvia Miles by Chris

Excellent condition

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