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Rare sixties issue of the British fashion magazine Petticoat.

Cover models are Pamela Rose and Dyan Lincoln.

Meet Ian McShane; full page photo in colour plus one page interview.

Granny Takes A Trip - rare early feature on the hippest most far out London boutique.  One photo taken inside the store for this feature, and one illustrated logo in full glory.  Interviewed are the three owners, who are shown in the photo - Nigel Waymouth, Sheila Troy and John Pearse.  Scarce feature, runs half a page. 

SARAH MILES and SEAN CAFFREY - several photos over 2 pages.  Rare film stills.

Feature on new band The Answer; half a page inc photo.

Caroline Glyn talks about her favourite book; by C.S. Lewis.  One page inc photo of Caroline. 

How to make your own COURREGES style shift dress by David Bond, Fiona Milner, Sue Lyn and the DEAD BROKE DEPARTMENT.  2 page feature.

Inspiration to craft your own zoo out of CUSHIONS, or 'CUSHONKS'.  Modeled by TWIGGY. Make animal shapes such as elephants, cats, snakes and a lion's fringed face ...very much like the current Habitat range (c.late 2021)!

Metal, plastic and hook 'JANGLE DANGLER' earrings in a two page accessory feature.

Fashion in this issue by Paco Rabanne, Terry de Havilland, Foale & Tuffin, Biba, Martyn Fisher, PAUL STEPHENS, Correna, SIMON MASSEY, John Dixon, JUDY WALKER, Lewis Separates, LIDA ASCHER, LOTUS, SLIMMA, SYLVIA, VANESSA LABURN, DAVID SILVERMAN, EDWARD MANN and more.

HAIR and HAIRSTYLES feature includes a photo of Elsa Martinelli and a pic by John French for inspiration.

Beauty feature drawn by Julie Hine. 

Kathy's Crowd pages illustrations by Hilda Offen. 


Ads -

HELENE CURTIS hairspray advertisement full page.

OP ART coats in PVC etc - full page ad for ASTRAMAC by Weathergay.

The back page is a colour ad for GOYA lipstick.

Excellent condition.  The photographs are of the actual copy.

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