Mick Jagger Martin Sharp Cover Hendrix Poster Oz Magazine No. 15 1968


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This is a fabulous wraparound Mick Jagger cover by Martin Sharp covering the front and back of the magazine.

Mick Jagger illustrated cover  Oz Magazine No. 15

There is a brilliant Jimi Hendrix psychedelic full page illustration inside by Martin Sharp - This iconic Hendrix image was later turned into a poster by Sharp. It was based on an original photo by Linda Eastman /McCartney. It's a full bleed A4 image and would make a lovely poster now if removed.

Also inside are illustrations by Michael English, Vytas, G. Metson, R.Cobb

Condition is very good. There is a subscribers name written on the cover in the 'Z' of Oz and a small tear barely visible in the shoulder of Mick.

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