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AVANTGARDE was a fantastic Fashion & Style magazine for the late 1970's and early 80's - no longer in print

The cover models are Holly and Ross, shot by Van Grieken.

Fashion spread shot in Crete with models Angela Best, Alison Worth and Linda wearing designs by Fiorucci, Maxfield Parrish, Ace and Harabel. Shot by Grieken. 7 pages.

Feature on nightclubs  including photos of the clubs and interviews with people involved; Zanzibar, Regines, Next Door, Legends and Main Squeeze.  5 pages.

Leonard Cohen Exclusive Interview for Avantgarde, 3 pages inc photos by Alexander Agor.

Ossie Clark at Parkers, Ann Buck, Yuki at Pepperoni, Les Lansdown, Selim at Foxy, Hachi at Worth and Michael Goma designs to communist China for American Express!  Gloriously bonkers advertorial beautifully shot over 16 pages.  Shoes by Succhi, hats David Shilling and Herbert Johnson and all photographed by van Grieken.

Quentin Crisp interview, 3 pages in pics.

Bo Derek interview feature with John Derek and photographs, 2 pages.

Airbrush artist ROD creates two new images of work for this issue.

Dutch fashion and photographers, three pages.

Barbara Tyrrell drawings, 2 pages, 6 illustrations.

7 pages on the latest hair styles.

Bette Midler and The Rose, 3 pages.

Men's fashion editorials, clothes by Cue, Lanvin, Daks, and Gucci - with watches by Rolex and Piaget.

Sam Haskins image used to advertise a new Pentax camera.

Caroline Smith is the artist of the month and there are 2 pages of her fashion illustarions.

Hot gossip party photos of Billy Idol with Oliver Tobias, Bianca Jagger, Susan George, Jane Seymour, Blondie, Princess Ali Alia Khan, Freddie Mercury...

The news section has pieces on Bill Gibb, Kate Bush, Swanky Modes, Janet Reger, Revlon, Playboy sunglasses and Mulberry.


Gunnar Larson was a Danish fashion photographer working in the Paris scene in the 60's 70's & 80's. He didn't find immediate success so he wrote to supplement his income. He launched Mode Avantgarde in 1978 as a luxury thrice yearly magazine with no expense spared. The Mode was dropped from the name on later issues.

The Editor in Chief was Anthony Van Grieken

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