John Lennon's youth photographed Fabulous magazine 27th November 1965


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An exclusive story with photographs of John Lennon's boyhood, including a letter he wrote to Mrs Smith, his Aunt Mimi, who was mother to John. 2 page feature.

The Monkees & George Best columns.

King Size colour pin ups of:

- Ringo Starr

- Scott Walker & The Walker Bros (double centrefold poster)

- The Kinks (plus half page b/w interview feature and photo)

- Dave McCallum

- Mick Jagger

- Jacky/Jackie Trent

- Sonny & Cher.

Also colour pics of Cliff Richard, Dave Berry John Leyton.

Graham Nash colour photo as part of a feature on rock stars and their sisters.

Interview with Mick's brother Chris Jagger.

Herman's life as told by the boy himself.  One page with several photos.

A fashion editorial which has been photographed in Tunisia, celebrating the colour camel.  Clothes by Dollyrocker By Sambo, Etam, Dorothy Perkins and Neatawear. 2 pages

Fabulous was a Pop music magazine full of colour photography that was produced in London at the height of the swinging 1960's and into the 1970's. It started as Fabulous, was renamed Fabulous 208 (when it started carrying the radio listings for Radio Luxembourg whose AM frequency was 208 metres) and was finally called Fab 208 in the 1970's

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