The Beatles TWIGGY Olivia Hussey FABULOUS 208 magazine 11th May 1968


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Monkee People, The Beatles Mate's, Friends of the Small Faces, and Cliff Richard.

Twiggy models in a double page spread & story about her relationship with Justin De Villenuve

Full size colour photographs of The Bee Gees.

Barry Gibbs Personal Column.

King size colour photos of Micky Dolenze, Olivia Hussey, Paul Jones, The Beatles, Peter McEnery.

Fabulous was a Pop music magazine full of colour photography that was produced in London at the height of the swinging 1960's and into the 1970's. It started as Fabulous, was renamed Fabulous 208 (when it started carrying the radio listings for Radio Luxembourg whose AM frequency was 208 metres) and was finally called Fab 208 in the 1970's

Excellent condition - light rust to staples )not unusual)

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