Jerry Hall Bill King Steve Hiett Gore Vidal UK Cosmopolitan magazine February 1976


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Jerry Hall cover, photographed by the very underrated Bill King, in this rare Cosmo published in Britain.

Also in this issue :

Gore Vidal - Rich, Talented and Bi-Sexual

Curing a fear for Breast Cancer

Happiness, what it is, what it isn't.            

Me and my fantasy man Muhammad Ali.

Loving and leaving the alcoholic.

When you go off sex.

How to be a self made woman.

Croeso to Cardiff.

How I cure my fear of breast cancer.

Famous wives - less famous husbands.

Laurie Colwin novel


Value added fashion.

The great escape.

Looks: dare you flash a smile like this.

Photographers featured include Steve Hiett, John Carter. 

And much more in this rare vintage issue of the British/UK edition of Cosmopolitan.

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