A Beady Eye on Harri Peccinotti's Nova magazine cover

Posted May 20 2013


What a tribute to London born photographer Harri Peccinotti! Beady eye - the 2009 founded band of Liam Gallagher - has decided to use one of Harri's photographs as cover image of their recently released album ‘BE’. We recognised it straight away from our Nova magazine collection. The image, with eyes open, was originally published as a cover in the late 60s. Peccinotti was a regular contributor to Nova; especially during his time as the magazine’s art director.

So we have pulled a few other examples of Peccinotti’s work out of the archive. One which caught our attention from the 70s is a typical example of his sensual and slightly sexualised work - tongue, lips, smoking and vivid colors. Pretty Green anyone?

Really liking the way the text has been printed around the shape of the cigarette.  Smokin'!