"I find fashion photographs to be the least interesting of all" - Grace Coddington

We found an article written by American Vogue's current creative director and former model Grace Coddington in The Image magazine, 1973. Edited by David Litchfield and David Bailey as photography consultant.
Coddington speaks of her experience of photography with a Canon Dial camera, thoughts on photography in general, recording of memories, and the ironic statement - "fashion photography the least interesting of all". 
The collage of images on the double page spread below displays a rare image of Guy Bourdin, the iconic photographer who regularly shot for French and UK Vogue during the 60s and 70s. 
Coddington refers to her admiration of photographers such as Bourdin and Helmut Newton, who, in her eyes take "anti-fashion" imagery and create a mood in their images which is ultimately what sells. 
Cover of The Image magazine. Vol.2 No.1. 1973.
The Image magazine. Vol.2 No.1. 1973. 
Left from the top: Guy Bourdin (with Jean-Pierre and Guillaume), David Bailey and Peter Knapp
Right from the top: Grace Coddington, Duc and Norman Parkinson. 
Coddington´s collage of memories taken from the pages of The Image magazine. Vol.2 No.1. 1973.
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