Barbara for Biba

We love all things BIBA and the triumphant return of Barbara Hulanicki in partnership with House of Fraser certainly seems like something to celebrate. After almost 40 years, can you believe it?! Barbara for BIBA once again!

It's safe to say we are mightily relieved to hear of the designers return to the helm. She set a course to revitalise British fashion in the sixties and seventies and her uncharted foray in to the design world offered young Londoners an alternative to 'mums wardrobe'. Paris designs just weren't cutting it anymore. These designs were for a new generation looking for something different and my goodness with the the BIBA revolution, they were certainly lucky. With the advent of new designs for House of Fraser, can lightning really struck twice? We hope so!

Here at Elegantly Papered Chelle has her own collection of all things BIBA and its all for sale! Limited edition signed BIBA catalougues, original store bags and even have some clothes. Get in touch via:

Talk directly with Chelle to enquire about prices or set up an appointment for research projects.

Description of above looks from orignal BIBA catologue: "A four piece set in pebble/ Herringbone tweed. Long lean fitted jacket, and equally long and fitted waist coat with rounded revers, skirt with kick pleat and funnel shape trousers. Dyed to tone with tweed. A washable flanesta shirt. In identical tweed, a floor length or short double breasted lined coat with large revers and slit pockets."





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