Celebrity Tuesdays: 5 tidbits about Elizabeth Taylor

Posted April 01 2014


Welcome to Celebrity Tuesdays here at the Elegantly papered blog! While brainstorming ways to sort, highlight, and share the infinitely interesting content in our archive, we decided it would be fun to spotlight the numerous famous people who graced the cover and pages of vintage fashion magazines (with over 25,000 issues, we're definitely not spoiled for choice!). And who better to kick off this series than the ultimate film and style icons, Elizabeth Taylor?


Francis Wyndham of Queen magazine called Taylor "a star so big that she cannot be placed easily into perspective." And it's easy to understand why. With over 70 film and TV credits to her name, a "great romance" with actor Richard Burton (not to mention six other husbands), a best-selling perfume line, winner of multiple Academy Awards, and founder of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, it's safe to say she was an icon in her own time.


She was also one of the most photographed women of the 20th century. We have several magazines in our archive that feature Taylor on the cover. So much has been printed about the Cleopatra star since her breakout role in the 1944 MGM film National Velvet that it seems nearly impossible to find anything new to say. But what we love about these vintage magazines are the snapshots they provide of the life and times of famous figures, fashion movements, and world events. You never know what you'll discover!


Here are 5 interesting tidbits about Elizabeth Taylor found in the pages of 1960s issues of The Sunday Times Magazine, Queen, and Nova:


1. She had a pekinese dog called O Fie and a chihuahua called E'en so.

2. The Sunday Times reported that while on location in Salzburg where Richard Burton was filming Where Eagles Dare, Taylor adopted a "Lady Bracknell voice for pronouncing the titles of some of her early films: Beau Brummel, Elephant Walk."

3. Also according to The Sunday Times, one of her favourite dishes was hominy grits. She also enjoyed English digestive biscuits with chocolate on one side.

4. While filming The V.I.P.s at London's Elstree Studios in 1963, Taylor and Burton would go to a nearby pub called the King's Arms for lunch every day - Taylor sporting $340,000 worth of diamonds and emeralds.

5. Taylor and Burton were both sued for $20 million by Twentieth Century-Fox film studio because their conduct during their relationship was considered "unbecoming."


 The Sunday Times Magazine, featuring several stunning colour and black and white photos by Robert Penn and Otto Storch

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton pictured (L-R) with O Fie the Pekinese, and Taylor's children Liza, Michael, Christopher and Maria
Taylor and Burton lunching on the set of The V.I.P.s - Queen magazine, photo by David Steen
From Nova - pictured in two film collaborations: The Taming of the Shrew and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?.